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Stop foreclosure!  Yes, you are able to stop foreclosure from happening to you!   You can stop foreclosure from ruining your credit!  Get real answers now on how you can:

1.  Bring your house payments current for less than what you owe
2.  Save Your House
3.  Keep a foreclosure off your credit report
4.  Prevent predators from taking advantage of you
5.  Avoid bankruptcy
6.  Reduce what you owe on your home
7.  Sell your house fast!


Stop Foreclosure by Knowing your Options

At BSL Properties, LLC we’re anti-foreclosure experts who’ll work with you to help you keep your home.   Let us help you stop foreclosure so it doesn’t ruin your credit.

We have helped others end their foreclosure woes, and chances are we can help you too. All it takes is one click to get real answers now!

Our mission at BSL Properties is to educate you on the foreclosure process in regards to the options available to you.

We believe that if you don’t know your rights, you can’t know your options.   We do our best to make sure that you are educated about the choices that you have with your home so you are not stuck letting your home go to foreclosure.

When facing foreclosure, time is of the essence.  You MUST act fast to protect your rights.  Many people facing foreclosure simply do nothing and hope for a miracle.  Don’t fall into that trap because the longer you wait, the fewer options you allow yourself.  In Michigan, there is only a 30 day period that your lender has to announce before they can foreclose.

We recommend that you quickly determine your goal by learning what all your options are and then pursue ALL of those that fit your goal because there is simply not enough time to try one approach.  If that one fails, you may not have time to try another.

With respect to your payments to your lender, once a foreclosure has been initiated, your lender will accelerate your loan which means that they will no longer accept payment less than the full amount due, INCLUDING any back payments and attorney’s fees that are also due.  If you send them anything less than the full amount owed, they will likely send it back to you, demanding the full amount.  Also, the longer you wait, the more you’ll end up paying in court costs, late charges, and attorney’s fees.  So DON’T WAIT.

Congratulations in taking the first step by doing some research and looking for someone who can help you.  You next step is to provide us with some basic information and we will contact you right away to talk with your about your options.

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